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CompTIA Data+ trains the student in developing and promoting data-driven business decision-making. It combines instructional lessons with assessments, videos, performance-based questions, and custom training and labs to help you prepare for your certification exam and career in IT. Benefits/Learned Skills: Identify basic concepts of data schemas and dimensions while understanding the difference between common data structures and file formats Explain data acquisition concepts, reasons for cleansing and profiling datasets, executing data manipulation, and understanding techniques for data manipulation Apply the appropriate descriptive statistical methods and summarize types of analysis and critical analysis techniques Translate business requirements to form the appropriate visualization in the form of a report or dashboard with the proper design components Summarize important data governance concepts and apply data quality control concepts Jobs that use Data+: Data Analyst, Reporting Analyst, Business Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Clinical Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Operations Analyst

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Optimize your knowledge with CATI. Our Cyber Aptitude Typology Indicator, or CATI, is a metric-based assessment that identifies an individual's aptitude and matches their learning preference, personality characteristics, and skillsets with their optimal cyber work role.

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