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The cyber range where collective training is team training

Whether you organize as a blue, red, or purple team for cybersecurity,

you are only as successful as your team.

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What is Imerzi CyberRange.os?

Imerzi CyberRange.os is a customizable, scenario-based, and virtual training environment where cybersecurity practitioners increase their proficiency individually or as part of a team.

The training environment provides individualized workspaces (virtual machines) in a networked environment or "blue space" for education, training, and exercise of cyberspace operations. Multiple virtual networks are interconnected through an emulated Internet or "gray space." Each virtual network is populated with automated users or bots that generate network traffic to and from other bots on the Internet. The Internet has regional routers, hundreds of websites, social media, e-mail servers, chat capability, Domain Name System (DNS), Network Time Protocol (NTP) services, etc.

Since each virtual network fully functions, students/players can take on different roles to administer, defend, and even attack other networks. Varying network configurations permit instructors to train individuals and small and large teams. Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) operating from a source virtual network or "red space" may be incorporated for seasoned cybersecurity professionals. Baseline workstation images include tools/applications to manage, monitor, and secure the network.

Don't just train your team.
Get them Imerzi trained.

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